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Here’s what some of our Sacramento, CA customers are saying about us:

Over the past 30 years I have had numerous occasions to have a variety of vehicles serviced by Japanese Imports: Their service has been consistently excellent and their prices very fair. I highly recommend Japanese Imports as the best possible choice for Sacramento residents.

Chris H. Japanese Imports Service & Repair Customer Review

I have been a customer for 15+ years and to me, they are by far the best mechanics in town. My husband takes his GMC truck to them and his satisfaction level is high also. I love that it's a family-owned business. Eric, Dave and Tracy are honest and she's brilliant at scheduling, excellent at preparing quotes and a whiz when it comes to artfully explaining what needs to be done now, soon and what can wait a little longer (etc.). I trust this shop and have saved hundreds of dollars. The team's professional, methodical and cost effective. All interactions have been very positive and every time they service my car, I go away feeling confident in their work. Thank you Japanese Imports, you are truly 'one of a kind'

Cheryl Coviello Japanese Imports Service & Repair Customer Review

Brought my car in because I needed a new starter. Originally I was quoted a price I felt was higher than I had found elsewhere; when I explained I was a student on a limited budget, and showed them their competitor's price, they agreed to take off 25% which was very reasonable. The work was done quickly, within a few hours. They are on a nice part of J, lots of restaurants and cafes nearby if you need to wait, and rental car companies also nearby if you need one. I would bring my car here again.

reviewer #42244 CarTalk Review

I just had my third experience with Japanese Imports and it was so good that I feel compelled to write a review. I needed a starter for my 2000 Lexus... and called around for quotes. Tracey at Japanese Imports was able to do it for 1/3 what the dealer wanted, and almost $100 less than a couple other local shops wanted to charge, and it's a new part, not rebuilt!
The service was awesome, as Tracey was able to give me a ride home when I dropped the car off (I live in Midtown), and pick me up the next day when it was done. They were able to take my car in before they closed, and it was finished around 10 am the next day! They even diagnosed a few other things at no charge and recommended some future services, but not in a sales-like way, just giving honest advice, which I appreciate.
I feel that I can really trust this shop, and I like the fact that it's a family-owned business. I've dealt with several people there and all the interactions have been very positive and gave me confidence in them. My wife and I have tried a few repair shops around the downtown/East Sac area, but from now on, we're just coming here. Highly recommended.

Edward D. Yelp Review

This place is awesome! I have been in Sacramento for over 4 years, and still havent been able to find an honest, reliable mechanic until now.
The owner, Eric, is very accommodating to all your needs and will always do his best to get you the most reasonable price. I have had my car serviced there about three times and always have left knowing that I did not get ripped off.
I would highly recommend this place to anybody looking for an honest mechanic.

Tony B. Yelp Review

Amazing staff, I had to get my timing belt and water pump replaced and they finished it with in a day! Best prices around town. They were happy to have me call three times just to check that the price I was quoted was correct. Friendly and a nice clean shop. Thank you guys again for amazing service!

Katie K. Yelp Review

Amazing They are honest and less expensive than any other shops around.

Amy S. Yelp Review

Amazing They are honest and less expensive than any other shops around.

Amy S. Yelp Review

Just took my civic in for a distributor problem and i did not need an appointment. The people there were very nice, even the store cat that roams the lobby. They had ordered a new distributor and put it in but the mechanic felt something wasn't right with the part so he ordered another one and installed it just to be safe. They even diagnosed my car for fuel issues and gave me back the cap and rotor from the original distributor since it was still new. I payed $390 total in the end, which is very good, considering the fact that they spent 5 hours under my hood checking for issues and making sure the job was done right. I would definitely go back again.

Jake R. Yelp Review

By far the best mechanics I've ever been too. Eric & Dave are as honest as the Virgin Mary. He actually turned me down the first couple of times and told me to go to Napa auto parts and do it myself. Saved me hundreds of $$. This is the first time they actually took my car in for a 100k tune up. They're extremely professional, methodical and cost effective. Thanks guys

Chris L. Yelp Review

Wonderful service and more than fair pricing. My check engine light was on so I failed smog. My friend has been going here for years and gave them a great recommendation. I checked on yelp and and saw pretty good reviews and decided to give this shop a shot. As it turns out they got me the lowest pricing for the part that i needed and then not only installed the part but also test drove the car to make sure it fixed the problem, took the car to the smog place to get it smogged and then sent in the electronic smog certificate all for the price of the part and then only $65 service. They also told me that I could probably save a the $65 if I just wanted to do it myself because it wasnt that hard. I don't mind paying for great service. Highly recommended.

Eric S. Yelp Review

Very courteous and honest owner. Eric was sympathetic to my issue and remained open slightly passed hours so he could attempt to replicate the issue I was having with my vehicle. When the vehicle 'symptoms' weren't reproducible, he suggested coming the next day, leaving it at the shop, and giving me a ride to work (5 min. Away) so they could take it out a couple times and see if the problem would appear again. They even picked me up from work! They weren't able to find the issue but I appreciated the lengths they went to to try and determine what it was.

Christina A. Yelp Review

I have been using Japanese Imports for the better part of 10 years for service on both my, and my wife's, cars. You certainly have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to auto mechanics, but finding one you trust with both your car and your wallet is hard to find.
What has been most impressive is their honesty: I took my wife's Toyota in for a 100k service after receiving a competitive quote from Japanese Imports. They called me that afternoon to tell me that they had finished the service but that there were a handful of items I paid for that her SUV didn't have. Rather than just leave it as-is (which is what I expected since I agreed to service package and price), they noticed a few other items that needed attention that were not part of the package and addressed them instead! In the end, I drove away with paying what I expected but receiving far more than I anticipated.
In my opinion, Japanese Imports is one of the best mechanics I've ever worked with. They are friendly, always competitive with their prices, do excellent work, and go out of their way to ensure that you and your car leave better than you arrive!

Corbett C. Yelp Review

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